My name is Cedric and this is my son Bram, who was diagnosed with Autism in 2015. Since his diagnosis I have done my fair share of research on possible cures and things that can help improve my son’s life. In this site I simply want to share that information with fellow parents of Autistic children. I have found that all information and theories on Autism is so fragmented across the internet that it is hard to take it all in and can become quite overwhelming.

I do believe that Autism is curable in some cases and I will work relentlessly to find out what works and what doesn’t. In this site I will provide all the supplement information and links that I have come across or have tried on Bram. I am not a Dr. and I recommend talking to your Dr. before giving anything to your child. This is simply my story and experience and I hope to help anyone that could use it.  

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